You are mine, both now and forever


Are you Moon or my beloved?
Are you real or flight of fancy?
Are you last month as I beheld you
The Sky, who rests in my embrace?

Sky my limit, your home am I
Whether faint or smile, you light
The gloom, fight against the darkness
To live the vision, the dream, the call

O you, my Love, most rare and radiant
My pride and peace, secret and confession
Me you crown and adorn completely
With eyes ever open, our story unfolds

Our God we thank for noon and night
And seasons ever busy in their glorious flight
Yet our kisses, never disturbing ordained by God, the world ever coursing

And whether near you be or far
I by your side am ne’er forsaking
If tears should come or Nature enshroud you
You are mine both now and forever


By Carmanie Bhatti


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