One day when I’m dead maybe I won’t be

so naughty but in Sunday School today

I fell asleep again, up too late last

night reading Wonder Woman comic books,

my sister’s, I prefer Superman and

Batman but Diana Prince will do in


a pinch and she’s got that magic lasso

that she wraps around your waist and you must

do her bidding and those bracelets that break

the speed of approaching bullets and she’s

as strong as an . . . Amazon, I guess strong


-er, and if she can’t fly she surely can

leap but anyway when I woke in Sun

-day School standing there before me as if

I was God and she a new, dead soul was


Miss Hooker, our teacher, but then she be

-came just Miss Hooker again, I love her

so that’s enough but she’s pretty damn old,

25 to my 10 and so she was

my Sunday School teacher through and through once


more and I could see how unhappy she

was, I’d made her that way or my evil

had so I’m kind of a villain, that’s not

all bad, I guess, but it doesn’t square with

church and Sunday School and God and Jesus

and the Holy Ghost and all those things which

go into religion but then again


there’s Satan and Judas, too, I’m in good

company you might say, ha ha, any

-way Miss Hooker asked me if I needed

more sleep and all my classmates laughed, evil

got mocked and I guess I deserved it but

I said No ma’am, I’m sorry, it’s not you

nor God nor Jesus, I was up too late

again last night, reading Wonder Woman

comics, I guess because she reminds me


of you and of course Miss Hooker smiled and

the girls in the classroom cried Awww all at

once like I was a puppy or a chick

and my buddies scoffed and hooted and this


is the world we live in but inside our

trailer-classroom and the only thing miss

-ing is, well, I can’t say what, Miss Hooker

might, I’d ask her but you don’t want to know.


By Gale Acuff