The monetary cost of selfies

Millennial Brad and girlfriend Amy with trail-guide Beth were hiking on a shorter (10km) Inca Trail to arrive at the Machu Picchu ruins.  They started early morning hoping to cover the distance in a reasonable time, take a bus to the nearby town for the night, and then return next morning to explore the ruins.  But, their habit of taking selfies and posting instantly on social media took over, costing valuable time.  In mid-afternoon, Beth informed them that at their current rate of hiking speed, they would miss the last bus to the town.  As a result, it would cost them $300 to hail a cab from the town to transport them there.

Wandering llamas and alpacas suddenly realized two human beings were flying forward in supersonic speed, with a third one in toe.  The kind bus-driver waited a few extra minutes.  Lately this phenomenon had been happening quite often.



By Sankar Chatterjee