The institution

A person caught on fire and burned as they walked by. They pressed record and continued walking.

They found a bear market with traditional tapestries and sparked up a conversation about the discolored hues… “Get two for price of one?” They laughed and were giddy awaiting a lavish dinner. Their money went far. They dropped a penny and a conventional smile into a child’s cup and wished they could do more.

Days passed in new adventures; some welcome and some unwelcome. Still no thought of the burning man entered the institution of their mind.

Today was the day they would journey across the ocean home. She was ready to be back in her pristine dwelling and he was ready to relax and catch up on sports. All the sports. As they boarded the plane, they took one last look at the exotic country. They had experienced so many new adventures.

Mountains Beach Jungle.

They drank red wine and cognac on the plane. And snored away.  They arrived home on a Thursday.

They were well rested for church on Sunday.

They enjoyed the sermon about morality. They shared their adventures with the church group. She promised to share some highlights of their extravagant travels.

A week later she was ready to organize the pictures from their trip. As she was going through them on her phone she came to the:


She had forgotten, and wondered what it was? She pressed the play button and to her horror she was reminded.  She took a deep breath and sighed. She said a quick mental prayer for “her” family, looked around, and thanked God for her conventional home in America and deleted it.



By Adrian Voss