The ghosts of Iowa

In the land of Iowa, land of the corn,

a grandfather lived in Grinnell.

When he died, they all would mourn,

assuming his soul went to hell.


They buried him in the grave site,

assuming that their grandpa was dead.

But when the ghost returned in white,

from the old farmhouse they fled.


A scarecrow watched the haunted farm,

and not a crow would go anywhere near.

One day a traveling schoolmarm,

approached the farmhouse without fear.


Assuming the house abandoned to all,

the house would be her own downfall.

Around the farmhouse she started to snoop,

seeing all the chickens in the coop.


She thought she’d steal some chickens,

but she got scared like the Dickens.

From the grave came a ghostly hand,

protecting the farm in the evil land.


The lady took a step back,

fell down, and had a heart attack.

The ghost of grandpa was protecting,

this land the lady was inspecting.


Pretty soon her corpse would rot,

and she ended up in a flower pot.

The people who eventually moved in,

didn’t know the former kin.


The ground was full of poisonous plants,

and the grandpa did a graveyard dance.

Lost, looking for his former wife,

that had been long gone for most of his life.


She returned, and their souls were wed,

they were married as they were dead.

People needed to know this farm could not,

ever be sold, or ever be bought.

They haunted the family as apparitions,

and the family began to have suspicions.


One day the wife fell down the stairs,

broke her neck, and died then and there.

The family decided it was time to move,

there was nothing left to be proved.


One more ghost haunted the farmhouse,

it was the ghost of Alicia Krause.

You can hear the rattling of chains and bones,

house of spirits, leave this place alone!



By Mark Hudson