The encounter

Lying in the hospital bed, I still had no control over my nervous system. I felt a twinge in my chest, and I knew something was terribly wrong. My heart began racing wildly. Even though I couldn’t see with my eyes, a dark cloud engulfed my mind as it began floating into the never-ending darkness.

Suddenly, I felt a strange sense of peace and love. I had never felt so comfortable and peaceful in my life. A warm cloud of harmony engulfed me. I felt like I was smiling and floating.

It was then that I first saw it. It was a strange feeling looking at something so brilliant, since my eyes were closed, but it was there and it was warm and welcoming. What I perceived was the brightest light I’ve ever seen in my life. It totally overwhelmed me and penetrated my senses like a piercing dagger of lightning throughout my consciousness. I felt myself being pulled into the light, and it was the most beautiful and calming feeling I’ve ever experienced. I felt as if I was peacefully floating and that all the troubles of the world had been eliminated.

 I opened my eyes or opened my consciousness, which one I really don’t know. Immediately I noticed that I was hovering near the ceiling of the hospital room. I looked down and saw my body lying motionless on the bed. My skin was white, and I looked dead.

 This activity was entirely too emotional and gloomy to watch, as I felt total serenity and didn’t care for it to be interrupted with anything as depressing as my immobile body lying on that bed.

I reveled in calmness as my spirit felt exceptionally warm and inexplicably celestial. As my spirit slowly moved away, I told my body goodbye because the light was impossible to dismiss and far to alluring to deny. I craved to reside in it forever. The light was like a circular opening that was deep and brilliant. I knew that I had reasons to remain on earth, but at the same time I felt an irrepressible appeal to unite my spirit with whatever existed within the light.

The dazzling light was virtually like beholding the sun. The strange thing was that I thought I saw my feet in front of me, as if I were floating upward in a vertical position. I don’t remember passing through a tunnel or anything like that, just floating in that dazzling light. As I entered deeply into it, a tremendous amount of warmth and love came flowing forth.

After a few moments, I saw what was shaped like a normal human being, but with no distinct facial features. The light appeared to emanate from that figure. Light rays gleamed all around him. I felt extremely protected and safe and loved. I saw something else standing or floating, whichever I don’t know, behind the solitary figure. It had no face or body, but somehow, I knew that it was my grandfather who had passed away many years before. He welcomed me into his world, and I was so happy to feel his spirit again. He was my hero while I was growing up. I knew that my grandfather was there, but I also realized that my mother and father and aunts and uncles and all my deceased loved ones had to exist in this wonderful peaceful light.

          The figure in the light communicated to me through what I suppose was mental telepathy. The voice was melodious and tranquil.

“Son you must go back. It is not time for you to be here.”

I wanted to disregard what he said to me and to stay, because I was experiencing so much joy, and I felt exceptionally peaceful.

I heard the miraculous voice again and it warmed my soul. “Son it is not your time. You have a purpose to fulfill on earth. You may return when you have completed it and lived a rewarding life. You will be given help to confront a great evil. I need for you to fight.”

Gradually the light began to fade away. For half a minute, I could see both worlds at once. The world of what we call heaven and the world of my conscious existence. In the world that could only be heaven, I saw two beautiful round top mountains similar to the beautiful peaks seen on greeting cards. The tops were snowcapped and the slopes were adorned with foliage of indescribable beauty. The mountains appeared to be miles away, yet I could see individual flowers growing on their slopes. Apparently, my vision was about 100 times better than it was in my earthly existence.

To the left of the mountains was a shimmering lake containing a very different kind of water. It was clear, golden, radiant, and alluring. Surrounding the lake, the landscape was carpeted with grass so vivid and clear that it defies description. To the right was a grove of large stunning trees composed of the same clear material glistening in the light that made up everything in this magical place.

It was then that I saw a number of people beyond the trees, playing and singing and gracefully moving as if they were dancing. They were holding hands and moving in a circle. As soon as they saw me, several of them left the circle and joyously strolled over to greet me. As they approached, I realize that it was my Mother, my Father, and all my Aunts and Uncles and love ones who had left the physical world. Their bodies appeared almost weightless in the grace and beauty of their easy movements, and it was mesmerizing to watch. The women had long luxurious hair intertwined with flowers, which hung down in glossy masses to their waists. The men’s hair was shimmering like silk. Their only clothing was glowing translucent robes with a broad ribbon streaming out behind their graceful spirits. Their magnificence exhilarated me.

It was then that my Grandfather announced to me pleasantly, “Son you are in heaven. We lived on earth just like you until we came here.”

He invited me to look at my arm. I looked. It was translucent and I could see faintly through it. He invited me to look again at the grass and trees. They were also translucent. It was exactly the way the Bible described heaven.

I gazed at the landscape again and it was becoming familiar. I’ve been there before, I thought. I instantly remembered what was on the other side of the mountains. With a certain burst of joy, I realized it was my real home. I had a strange feeling of homesickness and with a sigh of relief I said aloud, “Thank God I’m back home again and this time I’ll stay.” I felt a sense of confusion. I only felt that I was not leaving on my own.

Then I heard another voice. It was clear and commanding.

Once again, I was told, “You have not completed your destiny and you must return to your earthly body. Your time is not now. I need you to help your fellow men.”

“First I need an answer,” I thought without speaking, but he heard.


“I have done things in my life that I am not proud of, and that you would not approve. Why am I not in hell?”

“My Son, there is no hell. You are one of my children and when you die you will join me here. I am love.”

Abruptly I felt a jolt to my body and the aroma of Lemon and Vanilla filled my senses. The breath of life filled my soul.

My eyes flew open.



By Gary William Ramsey