The bride to be


Love is an answer to all questions

No matter the nature and the context

The Mother Nature is one of them

That has shared an absent relationship with All

The black and the brown, the white and the red

All ethnicities, races and clans

The waters along with her share her journey

And yet there is something untold

The truth about her that few know

She is the womb and the cemetery

The birth place and the grave of all that breathe,

She grieves the loss of her children

that die an innocent death

she does not forsake any and, yet

refuses not to bear them with love and in anguish

her labor is much, the birthing and the grieving

she had some still births and miscarriages

while breathing along with the wind, her sister,

and mourning with the clouds, her brothers,

she is a living Mother with the dead residing in her lap

and the breathing folks, going about their daily tasks

she records the incidents in her memory

and when she reads them aloud to herself,

the history comes into action and, is said to repeat itself

She forgives the atrocities and, awaits the Prince,

to woo her and grant her peace, love and a future

That would claim her and her past as his own,

She, the mother Nature, is the Bride to Be,

Living a life of an absent relationship

To unite with her love for eternity


By Carmanie Bhatti


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