The Beautiful Belle


Twice a week I beheld a sound

And this sound resounds so well

It’s educational music for those who would use it

The notes of the melodic Belle


With a perfect shape she looks so smooth

And if I had to walk through Hell

I would barely escape and could hardly wait

To lay eyes on this wonderful Belle


Every time that I hear her voice

My heart begins to swell

As I begin to believe in this angelic dream

This dream of my Southern Belle


With unparalleled attractiveness

And personality that gleams so well

Her eyes they shine like ideas in my mind

The brown eyes of my elegant Belle


If I ever bought her flowers

She’d get the best that they would sell

I cannot un-start what I feel in my heart

For the angel, my muse, my Belle


With soft eyes, skin and glorious tones

She’s a rose with a fragrant smell

This flower, this siren, this object of love

The beautiful, indisputable…Belle!


By Thomas Alexander Friday


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