Storm in the night


On a dark summer night

Wind blew with all its might

Madly swayed the brim of trees

upon them fluttered tiny leaves


The scandic sun had set today

Which is unusual  in a way

Because its that part of  the year

When the days never draw near


Fingers hit the keyboard

While heart seeks to unload

All it sensed and believed

as it yielded to its needs


Now it strives to sort

Those little precious thoughts

Which hold a promise

That morning would be a bliss


That sway of  those trees far away

Influences me in many ways

Though the wind is shut out

Its power asks without a doubt


What if i had no glasswall

And right on me it would haul

Where could i seek shelter

Where could i run for cover


Those trees bent and unbent

looked like so very spent

but they stood up their shoots

because deep down they had roots


If my roots anchor strong

the winds can do me no wrong

Life will sway little and more

But the storm will pass away for sure.


By Nausheen Khan


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