Smile for me

Where’s your place to spend a quiet night

Because these times have grown to show you your emotions just overflow You see your affecting others now

But you don’t quite know

Where to go from here

Wishing you can make yourself just disappear

I know how you feel

Hoping other people know how you feel Without saying a word

You want the rich to be poor and the poor to be rich! To feel the hunger when we switch

Hoping maybe then you’ll click

Trust me I understand!

I’m in your shoes so I’m with you

Don’t ever think that you’re alone when I’m always here with you

It’s about how you deal with the pain

Don’t let that feeling steer you away

From what you’re working toward

If you fail, ok

Nothing’s perfect, hey

Today is the day

That you create a different way for yourself and make up for your mistakes Everything happens for a reason, no?

Every once a while you got to hit the brakes, listen!

Can you smile for me?

Can you be proud for me?

I know these times are hard

But go the extra mile for me!

God, can you listen to me?

So you can hear the people SCREAMING!

But they smile at their demons from this word

Can you smile?

Everybody wants happiness Nobody wants pain

But you can’t have a rainbow


Without a little rain

To be or not to be

It’s all the same

You got to take the reins of this game That we call life

And never go a-strange

And even though it’s strange

That we don’t have the answers all the time It’s necessary to meet a compromise

For future endeavors

Just hang on it won’t last forever

Life is hard

This is not the land of Never Ever

Pan, Peter

Watch your demeanor

What goes around comes around

Karma’s a repeater

You’ll get repaid one day

Even if it’s meager

But your soul is in good hands

Play with it like Ether

If you’re told to be a leader

Then you’re not a leader

You may think you’re worth nothing

But somebody needs you

Trying to be unbreakable to the core

That toughness is key!

But listen man

You got to smile more!



By Dana Burtin