Our Wakeup Call


Waking facing each other in identical posture.

Six o’clock.

Off comes the heavy armor of sleep.

In this light,

we’re familiarly depicted.

A safe passage is assured.


Outside, the world is sprouting vegetation,

linking renewal

to the increase of energy in our bodies,

that not even parallel yawns

can dissipate.


We’re revving.

We’re reflective.

A little revered.

Somewhat propitiated.

Your hand drifts across the sheets between.

I take back yesterday’s touch,

make it the official beginning of today’s.


Always this pleasing balance

of body temperature and passion,

comfort and underlying order.

It doesn’t seem much

but it’s everything.

We’ve both been alone in the past.

We revel in the corrective of together.


By John Grey


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