She Climbed


She climbed to the top of the mountain

In her ascent

She failed to see

Red roses blooming so fair, so sweet

Grass green growing there

Purple lilacs stalks so bright

Pink glowing sky

Turning white clouds red by and by

Blue fading into black

Her steps show her track

Higher and higher

No turning back

On and on, no pause or rest

Ever approaching the summit, the peak

Where at last she placed her feet

Looking down

All around

At all the beauty she missed

Brings a tear to her eye

So on the way down

She doesn’t even try

She stops at every flower

Inhaling their scents

Touches petals

Throws them into the wind

To see the colors fly

She twirls, dances

Like nothing else matters

Feels the sun on her face

Realizes on the ground

She could have found

What she was climbing for


By Michelle Murray


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