Sea crystal


The little girl ran across the sand unaware of the footprints leaving stains behind her. She wiggled as the ocean took a deep breath in then giggled as she ran backwards while it let the air out, pushing towards her. Her feet made tiny splashes against the wet sand. The two played this little game of tag until the ocean finally caught her by the heel with its foamed fingers. The little girl paused unsure of the feeling as the water surrounded her toes. As her feet began to sink into the sand her eyes caught sight of a small shell appearing as the water leaned back. The shell was small, like her, and engraved with swirling oranges and whites. It stood out among the many other broken shells and fragments left behind from the salty water. The little girl scurried towards the fragile thing with her hands outstretched, jittering with excitement. However, she wasn’t quick enough. The deep blue gracefully carried it back. She let herself drop in defeat. Her legs spread out in front of her, facing the ocean, while her hands hugged each other in her lap. She let herself sit for a while watching the ocean as it tried to tickle her feet. The salt carried across the waves and into her yellow hair. Her matching eyes followed the water as it caressed her legs leaving white foam and bubbles in the sand. Suddenly, with a rush, the wind carried a wave closer to shore pushing the tide up and embracing the little girl. She cried out in fear and discomfort. Her father nearby stood quickly, rushing towards the scene. The little girl stared at her sandy body with tears and a deep frown. But it didn’t last long for her eyes were then fixated by a small treasure in front of her. The small diamond shaped item sparkled and glowed from the sun. It looked as if the ocean had left a piece of itself behind. Her face reflected off its blue surface like a tiny mirror. As her father’s hands slid around her body she was quick this time to grab it. This time, she would not let her sea crystal go.


By Jennifer Zelkovic


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