He grew scrawny at first, pushing hard against the plane to be noticed, fighting for every drop of nourishment. Eventually he staked a place, found a course, made himself known. Caught in the light at last he flourished, blossomed, found the spring and took hold.

“Hello there,” she said, her benevolence shining upon him.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” he replied, reaching towards her.

They worked together and he soon became stronger, rising higher than the others, standing out and apart. Through her nurture he transformed into a being magnificent and proud, filling her with joy. They had learned to strike the balance, to contain the beauty and power of the universe.

“Thank you for another perfect day,” he said to her as they settled for the evening.

“See you tomorrow,” she promised with an indelible caress, slowly closing her eyes.


By Justin Rulton


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