Perspectives on snow


It has been snowing for good many hours,

Get your shovel ready for the routine task,

After a great deal of sweat and an empty pocket flask,

We’ve finally shown the sky our mighty powers.


The yard is cleared, the mountains have been moved,

Our rest is now beyond behooved.


Get your sleds, friends, grab your gliders,

It’s time to head for the sacred white hills!

Never has such a nuisance stirred up so much joy, nor chills.

Hurry up, don’t be the last, in this chore there are no outsiders.


Thinking it was over, we completed our deed,

Yet the heavens’ offerings seems ample; back to our shovels we must proceed.

Snowmen, snow angels, there are no limits defined,

What great fun the kind nature has for all of us designed!


By Hilkka Wiesner


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