Only in dreams

I have never seen teardrops

that haunted a troubled mind.

As deeply as the ones she cried

the night she left love behind.


I have never felt loneliness

as vivid as that night.

When she built her wall and closed her mind

driving love from her sight.


Then I found another way

to hold her in my heart.

My dreams are my very own.

In them we never part.


The dreams are warm and tender

as I look into her face.

We hold each other tightly,

in this, our private place.


The night is always welcome.

That’s when she comes to me.

Then we join our souls together.

In dreams, our spirits are free.


The darkness is my friend

and I bid it, forever stay.

It’s the only time I feel her love

and the night never sends her away.



By Gary William Ramsey