Never alone

The shadows behind her wall

hold darkness for her disguise.

She enters the addictive shadows

and closes her beautiful eyes.


I alone am standing there

quietly behind her wall.

She stumbles in the darkness

my heart flutters and breaks her fall.


In timeless hope, she’s’ been there

her loneliness is hard to take.

She wants someone to be with her

to softly ease the ache.


Her wall allows her peace and quiet.

Her wall is her best friend.

She stays behind it looking out

allowing no one to get in.


She built the wall for her alone.

Her mind protects its space.

She allows no one with her there.

It is her private place.


Now a stranger wanders within

and she struggles to depart.

He puts his arms around her.

She moves to protect her heart.


The darkness hides his face.

The shadows hide his smile,

but his kindness warms her silent soul.

It makes lingering there worthwhile.


Now there’s no need behind her wall

for hate or fear or pain.

Those who have he power to hurt,

she will never hold close again.


He whispers to her so softly.

She moves closer, just to hear.

He puts his arms around her

and speaks these words so clear.

I feel your beauty …lonely girl.

Your angelic essence so near.

The world’s a better place

because you are here.

I will always love you



By Gary William Ramsey