She is an AnGel in life,

Someone’s mother, sister or wife.

She goes beyond the trench of pain,

Withstanding scorching sun and rain.

A mother gives her neonate,

Tactic jewels to the starlets,

Her love is perpetually unconditional,

Her heart has no counsel.

Her amour is approved by God,

By his hands he conceived the mold.

Her love is salubrious,

It’s the fruit that dine our essence.

There’s nothing she can’t handle!

She’s the burning candle, widening lucent;

Pushing darkness away, inviting to be fulgent.

She’s a lioness, don’t mess with her;

She’ll not relent if you’re a prankster.

She always put herself at menace,

She’s real not fake.

Value her, Love her,

She’s your UNIVERSE!!!


By Sneh Antil


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