Momo’s journey

United Airlines Flight 3560 from Chicago to Tokyo was about to get an unusual stowaway.

No one noticed the tiny white and grey-spotted kitten, who named herself Momo, sneaking through a hole in the airport gate. She wandered near the airport after eating so she could find a place to answer the call of nature.

She relieved herself on some dirt before noticing a strange hard black surface. It seemed similar to the strips the strange metal objects in the city she lived in looked like. But it was in the middle of a field, where did it lead to?

Naturally Momo’s curiosity won out and she jumped onto the runway. Her tiny legs sprinting. She came upon a group of humans riding weird shiny vehicles, pulling mysterious metal boxes with curtains. She looked back and forth at the passing vehicles, several men and women were putting luggage onto the ‘boxes.’ Momo squinted her eyes and got into a pouncing position. With a butt wiggle, she leaped onto one of the moving ‘boxes’ and hit her head on a gym bag. Momo backed away from the pungent egg smell and sat next to a roll-on suitcase. The vehicle stopped and Momo decided to jump out without looking at her surroundings.

Most of the baggage handlers focused on putting bags onto the plane, it had been unusually busy day, even though summer had ended, they did not notice a tiny little kitten jump into the plane. Momo sneaked into the cargo hold of the plane. She jumped from bag to bag exploring her surroundings.

The plane started to move, making Momo stumble on her feet she latched onto a suitcase with her claws as it took off.

She squirmed her way into the suitcase by a small opening, despite the plane tilting, the warmth of the business suit protected her tiny body from the chilly atmosphere and she fell asleep.

The plane landed in Tokyo. Momo woke up and squirmed out of the suitcase. She managed to get past customs by climbing the gate. Momo’s stomach rumbling, she went to find some food, going deep into the heart of Tokyo; she stepped onto the road.

A car sped towards her.

Momo dashed under the car as it rolled safely over her. She looked and saw the cars coming and going.

She dodged the heavy vehicles as she jumped on the sidewalk.

The danger past, Momo now hoped to find a tasty morsel to feast upon. The only birds were flying high above the sky. Undaunted, Momo narrowed her eyes as she continued to walk.

She noticed other creatures of her kind. Momo went to take a closer look. Adult cats lounged on cushions, rugs, tables, and chairs. A few ate from bowls. A clear barrier separated her from them. Momo scratched on the sliding glass door, hoping to dig her way in and reach the mysterious containers holding food.

The sliding doors opened, a café worker came out and saw Momo. She scooped her up into her arms and held her like a baby, cooing and touching her nose.

And hence, Momo’s journey finally came to an end. She now found a permanent home at BluBast Cat Café.



By Tricia Saiki