(inspired by an obituary in the New York Times,

of a history professor who found “relics” in dumpsters)


A professor named Leo, somewhat well-known,

died as a modern day Indiana Jones.

A history professor who rummaged through trash,

looking for historical pieces to add to his stash.

In 1976, papers were being thrown out,

Leo went to see what it was about.

From the trash he was able to save,

important documents going to the grave.

From trash cans that were probably stinkin’,

he found the records of Abraham Lincoln.

He became known as an archival scavenger,

and nobody could accuse him of being amateur.

He found the records of Alexander Hamilton’s duel,

and got a P.H.D when he went to grad school.

He went to college on a G.I. bill,

his fate was one he had to fulfill.

When the World Trade Center fell,

he found Colonial pottery shells.

He said his studies left him lonely,

but he certainly wasn’t the only.

Now he’s gone down in New York’s archives,

showing that historical legends survive.


By Mark Hudson


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