In Heaven’s Cafe Galactic


Finding him drinking coffee alone, Hawking pulled his wheelchair next to Einstein.

Hawing (yawning):  Boy, was it a long time-consuming space-travel?

Einstein:  Oh, no, that space-time conundrum, again?  So, how you’re so wrong about “once entered, nothing could come out of a black hole-” theory, challenged later?

Hawking:  Theories emerge, theories fall.  At least, I accepted the new development.  But, you were never comfortable with the uncertainty principle inherent in later years’ quantum theories!

Einstein:  Yah, shaky theories of young upstarts!  I used to imagine traveling alongside light, while developing my equation.

Hawing:  Stubbornness!  Anyway, I’ll buy your next cup.


By Sankar Chatterjee


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