Fluorescent light

“Shhhhh, everything will be alright. Just relax and you’ll be just fine.” A distant voice says. I’m not really sure what’s going on or where I am, but I’m not at home or any other place that might feel familiar. My vision is a big blur right now. I see big blobs of color until I finally go into focus and start to remember what happened.

Then I REALLY remember what happened.

As a tear drips down my face, I start to remember why I’m here and how I got here. He sees the tear slowly run down my cheek and takes his cold, wrinkly, dirty hand and rubs it off my face.

“Don’t touch me!” I say harshly.

“Hmph I liked you better when you were asleep, you were so beautiful and quiet. Now you’re just beautiful, but we can fix that now can’t we?” He gets up and walks away with his back turned against me but when he turns back around he has duct tape in his hands. He looks at me and smiles, then stretches it out and slowly but creepily puts it over my mouth.

Ding dong ding dong. The doorbell rings. He gets up and smiles at me, then walks away.

As I hear his footsteps going up the stairs, then the noise of the door squeaking open and slamming shut, then his footsteps again but this time through the ceiling, I observe the dark room I am being locked in. I see in a corner of the room a small mattress and some blankets that I hope he doesn’t make me sleep on. I also see beer bottles, beer bottles everywhere. The room is quite creepy, but mainly because it’s really dark. It isn’t until I see a cork board on the wall farthest from me that I am really creeped out. Yep, a cork board, and on it… pictures, dozens of pictures… of me.

Pictures of me in my house cleaning, pictures of me at school, pictures of me at dance, pictures of me walking to school. The most disturbing though, pictures of me sleeping.

My heart starts to race as I hear footsteps coming back, then the door slamming shut again. Cllliiicck clllaaacck cllliiicck clllaaacck. My heart races as this old creepy man, who kidnapped me on my way home from school is not just some creepy old molesting pedophile but is also someone who’s been following me and stalking me for months, is walking down his stairs which lead him right to me and I can’t stop him from doing whatever he wants to do to me because I am a helpless, dehydrated, scared, hungry, fifteen-year-old girl.

He comes back and turns on the light. He’s a very skinny man, horrible posture with his shoulders hunched over most of the time. He has nasty rotten yellow teeth that he smiles at me with all the time. He’s maybe in his late 40’s or early 50’s. He’s definitely Asian, but then I get a better look at him and that’s when I realize… I’ve seen him before! Not just once but every time I’ve gone to Hmong village or Hmong town or any Hmong festival celebration, he’s there. I always just thought he was in the company that runs those things so I didn’t think much of any of it.

He comes to sit back down and just stares at me until he slowly but still painfully takes off the duct tape from my mouth. “Ow!” I say with some attitude.

“Ah, you must have so many questions, am I right?” His Asian accent could be recognized but his English was surprisingly good.

“Why me?” I asked him but his eyebrow creased and he made this face like what I said didn’t make sense. “Why did you pick me? Of all the girls you could have chosen, you chose me. Why?”

He looks at me deeply and says “because my love, you’re special.”

“How? Why am I ‘special?’ What did I do, what did I say to make you notice me?”

“It’s not what you said my darling, it’s what you didn’t say. It’s not the actions you did towards me, it’s the action you did towards the people who wanted you. You rejected them because your heart said you were destined to be with me.”

“NO! THERE IS NO EARTH, NO LIFE, NO PLACE WE CAN GO WHERE I AM GOING TO BE DESTINED WITH YOU! I’D RATHER DIE!” I scream at him. My voice cracks as my eyes fill with tears.

“I knew it was a mistake taking off the tape!” He grabs it again and puts it over my mouth harshly and this time I fight back but he wins.

He keeps the duct tape on my mouth but unties the rope over my stomach that was keeping me to the chair, therefor giving me ability to actually move but my hands and feet are still tied so there isn’t much I can do but I still fight him. I hit our heads together but all he does is push me down to the floor and drag me to the small mattress I saw in the corner.

He stares into my eyes grabbing my waist and squeezing me so tight but he’s not really hurting me as he is scaring the life out of me. I know what he’s about to do but my body can’t move anymore, I’m like a deer in the headlights, there’s nothing I can bring myself to do. He opens his dirty mouth and says “You will always be destined with me in EVERY PLACE, EVERY LIFE, EVERY EARTH because you, my love… you are mine forever, and I am yours.”

Then during the 5 minutes of him doing what is the most scarring thing that could ever happen to any human being, a piece of me dies. It is over. It is all over. A piece of me, a piece I will never be able to get back, is dead forever.

I didn’t fight with him. I didn’t do anything while he did it. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t get myself to do so.

A piece of me is gone. My innocence, my humanity, my will to live is all dead.


By Krystal Lee


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