The archeologist labored in the hot sun.

Lionel Pantheon, expert archeologist, dug

with his flunky, Doctor Simeon Watkins.


“Oh, pray tell.” said Simeon Watkins.


“What is it?”


“Look at the treasure I found. A statue of

Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess. This must

be worth millions! We’re going to be rich!”


“No, I’m going to be rich.” said Lionel

Pantheon, producing a handgun, and shooting

a bullet through Simeon’s skull.


Lionel looked around to make sure nobody

was looking, and shoved Simeon’s body into

the hole in the desert sand.


He took the shovel and buried Dr. Simeon’s

body underneath, as if no trace of his life ever existed.


He then put the statue of Bastet in his knap sack

and said to himself, “ I know the market value of this.

If I can get back to London, I can sell this. I just

have to pass through security, and get to London.”


When he got to the Egyptian airport, he put

the statue of Bastet in his thermos.  He hoped he

could get it through the metal detector.


But then there was a setback because they

quarantined everybody for the Corona Virus.


Lionel began to panic. How long was this

going to take? What if they found out he murdered



On the third day in the airport, he was really

at his wit’s end. The airport was really crowded.

A woman sat right next to him with a duffel bag.

She opened the duffle bag, and there

were three kittens in the bag.


“Oh, my little purties, everything

will be okay,” the lady said.

Suddenly, one of the kittens jumped

out of the bag and hissed, scratched Lionel’s

arm. Blood oozed out of Lionel’s arm.


“Lady, please!” Lionel screamed.


Medical personal came over. “Sir,

we have to take you to address that wound.

Corona Virus is an airborne disease.

Come to the medical office now.”


They whisked him off with his suitcase.

They cleaned his wound, and he didn’t have

Corona Virus.


Then finally, he was on the plane, and

he was ready to take off. He was hoping he

wouldn’t have any further delay.


The plane took off, on a straight trip

from Egypt to London. Lionel was relieved

when the plane took off.


They were just over the Mediterranean Sea,

when the pilot spoke over the intercom, “Attention,

passengers, our engines are failing! We’re going

to have to make an emergency landing in the sea!

Get your life jackets on! Do not stop to get your

suitcases, this is a crisis!”


Lionel immediately pulled out the thermos,

with the statue of Bastet in it.  He could do without

the rest of his suitcase.


He put a life jacket on, and clung to his thermos.


The plane hit the water, and the passengers

were panicking, and just sat there, dumbfounded.


When the emergency door opened, Lionel

jumped out. He knew how to swim, and he had a

life jacket on.


The plane sank to the bottom of the sea,

and Lionel was one of the few survivors.

Some of the survivors were bleeding.


This brought sharks that began to circle

around the survivors. The sharks began to bite

and eat Lionel, but he still held on his thermos.


The thermos escaped from his gasp,

and Lionel died from all the sharks eating him.


The thermos floated to an island nearby,

where it washed ashore, doomed to haunt the

island forever, never to be touched again by

human hands.



By Mark Hudson