Bad luck at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Valentine’s Day, 2020, Bachelor’s Grove,

Cemetery, Midlothian, Illinois.


It was Valentine’s Day, 2020,

and a newlywed couple, George and Annabelle

Henderson were looking for something fun

to do for a special date for Valentine’s

Day. George wanted to take his new wife

to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, a cemetery

in Midlothian, Illinois, that had been rumored

to be haunted. Many ghost sightings had been

reported over the years, where two hundred

graves existed.


Nobody knew why it was called

Bachelor’s Grove. But when George was a

bachelor, he used to go there with all his

buddies and get drunk in the cemetery.

They never saw any ghosts, and they

would be drunk and laugh at the old

wives tales of the past.


Now that George was married,

his buddies had disappeared. But he

wanted to prove to his bride that

this was a safe place, and there

were no ghosts, so he could show

he was a man, and protect her.


But Annabelle really didn’t

want to go.


“Come on, George! This is

not romantic! This is actually scary!”


“Well, Annabelle, when

I married, you, I said till death do we part!

There is nothing to fear!


Annabelle sighed.


They got out of the car, and

it looked perfectly normal, whatever that

really means.


Now, George became the lecturer,

which was also annoying.


“This cemetery was built by English

settlers in 1835. There are only 200 graves.

There have been people who claimed to

see ghosts here, like a lot of people claim

they see a white lady ghost carrying a child

every time there is a full moon. And people

have claimed they’ve seen a  white phantom

farmhouse appear. And the ghost of a dog

has appeared. The ghost of a farmer and

his plow horse is another thing people

claim to see. And a two-headed ghost

has also been reportedly seen. But

I think it’s ridiculous. My buddies

and I came here forever, and we

never saw any ghosts. Frankly,

I think it’s all a joke!”


“George, I want to go home!”


“We can go home, I just wanted

to prove to you there are no such thing

as ghosts.”


Suddenly, Annabelle screamed.


In the middle of the cemetery,

was the ghostly appearance of a

phantom farmhouse.


“Look, George!”


George turned around, and saw

the farmhouse. Then, the ghost of a

farmer and a horse came by, and

they were laughing hysterically.


Then a woman ghost with

a child appeared. The child was

screaming, “Mother!”


“George, let’s get out of here!”


“Good idea!” George gasped.


Annabelle started running to the car,

faster than George. George tripped over a

tombstone, and the ground caved in. His

foot got caught in the ground, and a skeletal

hand reached out from the grave and grabbed

his leg!


“Annabelle, help me!” George screamed.


Annabelle came back, and began to beat

the skeletal hand with the tombstone. The

tombstone shattered, and the skeletal hand

shattered into individual digits.


George pulled his leg out of the hole,

and the skeletal fingers were sliding across

the grass towards him.


Annabelle pulled him up, and led

him by the hand.


They managed to get to the car,

and they looked in the rear view mirror.

It seemed that the ghosts had all

vanished into thin air.


Annabelle had somehow

managed to get in the driver’s seat.

They both had keys to the car,

but George was a bit more scared

because the hand from the grave

had literally touched his leg.


“I’m so sorry, honey,

that I brought you there!”

stammered George. “I’ve

never seen paranormal

activity there, as long as

I’ve ever visited it.

But I must give you credit,

honey, you probably

saved my life!”


“Well,” said Annabelle, “It’s

always been said that women are

the weaker sex. But do you

still believe that lie?”


“Oh, no dear. I knew there

was a reason I married you!”


Likewise, George. I

married you because I love

you. Otherwise you would’ve

still been a bachelor. How

many of your buddies still

go there?”


Most of them are married,

so I guess I was the last to wed.”


“Good. Well, George does

it sound like a good idea if we

never go back there?


“Yes, most definitely.

I’m so sorry I brought you there.

How can I make it up to you?


“Let’s go home. I’ve got a

bottle of champagne waiting,

and we’ll make a big bowl

of buttery microwave

popcorn. From now on,

no more horror flicks.

From Netflix, I ordered

a really awesome chick



George groaned.


By Mark Hudson