Who we are

Rejected Manuscripts is the brainchild of Frank Gibson and Charlie Taylor.

Left to right, Charlie and Frank.

Charlie Taylor has been published occasionally and rejected often. He holds Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Education degrees. He is Canadian but currently lives in Taiwan with his wife and two small children. He teaches English at high schools and universities. His latest story, The Social Web, will appear in the September/October issue of Kyanite Press.

Frank Gibson majored in digital and industrial electronics and holds a degree in higher education from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He is pursuing robotics and STEM education at the moment, and recently became certified by Carnegie Mellon University as a VEX-Robotics instructor. Frank loves living in Taiwan, not only because it is an excellent place for a technology lover to live, but it is also a very beautiful island. He enjoys taking scenic scooter rides all over Taiwan in his free time.