A lifetime with robots


It was seven o’clock in the morning. The alarm started screaming to wake me up and prepare me for the new day coming. I opened the eyes and turned the head to stop it, but I couldn`t move my heavy injured arm when suddenly I heard a strange robotic voice talking:

“Welcome to your new world! My name is Alarm Robotic, my main duties are to facilitate your lifestyle and let you think more of your inner side,” said a small robot staring at me with those big cold eyes, without eyelashes and eyebrows, so mechanical and far to me.

It started moving on my bed and tidying the pillows, the bed sheets, so fast that I could never have done it. The movements were regular and perfectly programmed to raise the hands and transport all types of heavy objects around the house. It had a short gray neck that held an egg-shaped head, with three yellow lightened antennas. The hands were removable and transformed into repairing materials that were inside the belly, services and dish sets, knives, spoons and forks, medical equipment. That impressed me so much that I couldn`t calculate how a small belly carried all those things. It continued to clean the room and move up and down the ornaments and furniture with such a windy speed that I hesitated to say a word.

When it finished cleaning the room, it came to me and took my injured arm, changed the bandages and cut them with some small laser scissors that I saw the first time in my life. They were quite amazing with a triangle form that permitted the laser to come out thanks to a small button on the top of its body. Quick and precise the robot finished caring about my arm and stood in front of me waiting for the next order.

How different my house looks! The walls are digital touch screens, you can command and open the doors and windows, activate the temperature of air, oven and washing machine. I can watch a film in any part of my house and select the preferred one on the internet. Bookshelves don’t exist anymore; they are replaced by a digital library, free space, and wide dimensions. On the balcony, there are some flowers that remind me there is still nature and they wait for my command to get a feed from the electronic equipment. It’s been a long time that I have forgotten to press the button to get services. Touching is the motto of our days.

Quite and silent, standing on the bed I started thinking about the robot words for the human beings’ inner side. Was it right? Can humans convert free time in improving and working about the spirit, travel into his own undergrounds and discover the resources of a river that never stops flowing? Maybe this is the key to balanced control and inner discoveries, but it seems quite easy and not harmonized with the emptiness of outside world.

Easy and commanded living emphasizes the vacuum of these two different worlds that make humans never stop searching the parallel of harmony. Is this what makes us happy? Less work and lots of thoughts? I really can’t imagine what will come next if we stop having a purpose in our life. Maybe our ideas can find a mystic collaboration between human and robots, a balance that fulfills the future and present, without interrupting our evolution.

Robots can never replace humans. This is a fact. They help a lot in a better lifestyle and good service but that is all. Emptiness and the will to discover the unknown will accompany us forever. Perhaps this is the answer.

Suddenly an alarm interrupted my thoughts. The robot moved towards me and transformed its hand in a plate, ready to serve my breakfast.


By Elisa Konomi


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