A happy-go-lucky suburbanite

The place where ‘genius is likely to be born is a suburban area,

 not choc-a-bloc a place; In case you’re getting ducky,

there’s no denying that suburbia will do. It will be ace!

At first, you feel like bailing on small town, yet, just take it easy;

She’ll be right! There’s no reason not to see you there, mate.

Alright. Is there a chance you could arrive this arvo?

To put it other way, would be fantastic if you did go bush

with your beloved or cobber, especially if you are devo

or simply want to contemplate about ‘sense of life

somewhere far from bustle of big city life. Yay!

It’s heaps good way to make a getaway! Besides,

 it’s needless to dress up. Put on your darks and flannie,

however, grab a coldie along with sanga roll,

and fight a lion’s hunger after knocking off. Stroll!

You might have had ‘hard yakka day at work, and you’re cactus;

Another reason to back up your prompt decision, huh?

Thus, set a focus on ‘small stream to cool you off and let all worries of the day

go away! The singing birds will strip them off your shoulders. Hooray!

It’s at the bottom of the bush; go, look! Oh, man! Wow! What a beauty!

I say it’s worth being born in suburb or some other smaller place

with chances of being raised in certain rules society

which should build ‘concrete moral basis for one’s character since youth.

Being grown up in ‘small community, all stages of the childhood

would go smooth, upgrading one by one, with freedom of observing peers

and making their own gang with aim of playing in the neighborhood: Bang! Tang!

Oh, creaky! They would explore environment and boost imagination

to meet their needs; and finally, they’ll definitely have a vision

of what they want ‘pursuit in life when they break loose.

Eventually, suburban youth would earn their places in the sun.

Since every caterpillar’s used to setting goals in long term run,

on ‘contrary to ‘silver spoons’, being born already in cocoons.

The best scenario for a genius to be born is a suburban area,

 not choc-a-bloc a place – since wits prefer quietness.

However, the over there stuff might sometimes go off;

Occasionally, they have a ripper of a time as well.

There goes a stunning butterfly! Metamorphosis!

Somebody’s going to become a deadset legend soon;

Fair dinkum! Fair dinkum!



By Lana M. Rochel